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“This event pre-dated Sea of Dreams by a year, but was the first time we coined the name EVE-OLUTION. New Years Eve is in fact an evolution of the soul and another revolution around the sun. A giant rite of passage party for all of humanity to cyclically celebrate an end & anew. Pop that… Read More »

2000 Supernova

“What hype there was around the long awaited year of 2000! We all dreaded the seemingly imminent Y2K global technology meltdown and ensuing mass chaos. Many party producers feared a loss of attendance on this odd day with the even numbers, but it was the dawn of a new century, so we pulled out all… Read More »

2001 The Birth of a Dream

“The Birth of a Dream: So it came to be that my belated partner, Mark Bava, came through with the mostly perfectly situated venue of all time & space! After the surprise success of Super Nova 2000, suddenly our partners, Oracle Muse, Anon Salon & Party Science were inspired to shoot for the stars and… Read More »

2002 Dive Ocean

“After our inaugural Sea on the sea @ Pier 35, it became evident that we’d caused TOO big a splash in the fisheyes of the Port Authority. Fortunately, we fell head over heels in love with The Regency Ballroom and its historically magnificent, jaw-dropping 3rd floor “Red Room”, formally a Mason’s Lodge. For the dawn… Read More »

2003 The Crystal Ball and Fanta-See

“NYE 2003 had TWO themes: The Crystal Ball and Fanta-See, but in all fairness it was the Sound Tribe Sector Nine New Year’s Eve! For this epic, cross-venue fete we invaded THREE ballrooms of The Regency Center PLUS the infamous Avalon Ballroom (Isle of Avalon) from the “old school” 1960’s Family Dogs showIn the main… Read More »

2004 Tridents Tale

“2004’s ‘Tridents Tale’ flyer, our most mythical theme to date, was designed by fellow North Bay promoter & SOD DJ, @Zack Darling. His @Mystic Beat Lounge team also created Techno Tribal Dance, and every NYE we’d lovingly attempt to “out produce” each other, while simultaneously elevating both shows to the next level, as there was… Read More »

2005 OddySEA (LA)

“NYE 2005: The year when tides shifted and sister cities San Francisco & Los Angeles, connected by the great Pacific Ocean, merged into one expansive Sea of Dreams! A few successive LA Decoms now under our belts, partners in crime, anonEvents SF + LA Blue Bongo Club owner, Mark Bava, decided it was finally time… Read More »

2005 Surrealia (SF)

“This was our first “double city header” Sea of Dreams – SF + LA! To commemorate the occasion, we asked designer, Zack Darling, to commission artist Andre Gonzales to create 2 totally unique die-cuts. To this day, they’re probably my favorite, most creative flyer graphic. I love the matching themes of OddySea (LA) & Surrealia… Read More »


“2006: Our 6th Sea of Dreams oddly enough had no theme? Go figure. Maybe we thought bringing in Madison House and the incredibly infectious String Cheese Incident was theme enough! As it turned out, Michael Kang, lead guitar for “The Incident” used to hang out at my anon salon parties, and we just got to… Read More »

2007 7 Heavens

“2007: Sea of Dreams 7 Heavens = our 2nd year Madison House + String Cheese Incident mega scene! The previous year was a hard act to follow – so we did it again! For 7 Heavens, we created 7 worlds of heavenly dreamscapes featuring some new talent – the riveting Zap Mama, ALO and Circus… Read More »

2008 MetamorphoSeas

“In 2008, we went it alone as Anon Salon. We’d created a huge event with The String Cheese Incident years, but also felt like we were unintentionally slipping into more of a jam band event and needed to change course. So, we decided to take our look in a new Kafkaesque direction, enlisting visionary artist,… Read More »

2009 Sea Change

PART 1 “2009: The inception of the Sea of Dreams collaboration between Sunset SF + Anon Events! My how time flies when you’re working your ass off. In this inaugural year, we also partnered with dear friends, BlastHaus, who we’d often conspired with back in our early experimental SOMA art gallery days. We were all… Read More »

2010 LegaSea

PART 1: “Now 10 years in the making, we pat ourselves on the back for a decade of deca-dances well done, able to fully appreciate in hindsight the true eve-olution of talent and community we’d been orchestrating here in SF. In 2010, we lent an ear to world music featuring Ozomatli, welcomed back EDM favorite… Read More »

2011 GalaxSea

PART 1: “GalaxSea was out of this world! Thievery Corporation was as thrilled to return as we were to have them. We’d hung out with Rob Garza at Hookdome at Burning Man earlier that year, and so our relationship was more like a family thing by now. We also loved the gypsy stylings of Balkan… Read More »

2012 PropheSea

Part 1: “This year’s flyer design was a co-creation by Zack Darling and our Sea team, as were most all of our signature graphics. I love the layers and how each element enhanced the vision of the PropheSea theme. I had the idea of a floating island pyramid in a surreal seascape, insisted on our… Read More »

2013 PropheSea

PART 1: “Sea of Dreams had been forever fortunate booking its ultimate “wish list” and in 2013, we finally got GoGol Bordello! We’d been saving the theme “LunaSea” just for them and went on to make it one of most theatrical years yet, with the combination of Quixotic multi-media acrobatical dance and Vau De Vire’s… Read More »

2014 Vibrant Sea

PART 1: “Sea of Dreams was suddenly without a venue. We’d lost our home of the last 6 years, the Concourse, and spent the summer searching for a new one. We’d set our sights on Treasure Island (home of the Sunset offices) and were all but ready to pull the trigger and erect a huge… Read More »