Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should I get there?

A: Doors are at 7pm (show ends at 12:30pm) on December 30th and 7pm (show ends at 3am) on December 31st. Box Office Opens at 6pm. The Box Office at the Independent (no surcharge presales) closes at 6pm on 12/31. The sooner you get there, the more likely you will find parking and the more relaxed you will feel in getting your ticket (or wristband if you already have one), in dealing with coat check, etc. Once performance schedules have been announced, they can be found HERE !

Q: How do I get there?
You have options: drive, bike, taxi, ride-share, walk (depending on where you’re coming from) or public transportation. Please see our Directions page for more info.

Q: Is there a Coat Check?
A: There is $3 coat check for general admission. VIP will have a separate coat check

Q: How do I get hard‐copy tickets?
A: You can buy them online and print them at home. Hard-Copy Tickets (both GA and VIP tickets) are available at:

  • The Fox Theater Oakland: 1807 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA 94612 | GA and VIP tickets are available without a service charge at the Fox Theater box office in Oakland, CA. The Fox Theater box office is open all Fridays from 12PM–7PM PST and on all show nights.
  • The Independent  – 628 Divisadero / SF | The box office is open Monday through Friday from 11am until 6pm and on all show nights from an hour before the doors open until at least 9:30PM. You may purchase tickets to upcoming shows at any of these times. They accept cash or credit card (Mastercard / Visa). Please note that their box office does not take phone orders.

Q: Can I bring in empty water bottles or camel-baks?
A: YES, THEY MUST BE EMPTY. CLEAR WATER BOTTLES and CAMEL-BAKS ARE ALLOWED. There is San Francisco tap water from the Hetch Hetchy watershed available in all taps.

Q: I did not receive my order confirmation, I checked my spam folder and the money has been taken out of my bank account, what should I do?
A: Please call Ticketmaster Customer Service at  1-800-653-8000

Q: How do VIP’s check in and get their drink tickets and wristbands?
A: VIPs will have expedited entry and check in at the VIP table for drink tickets and wristbands.

Q: Will there be a separate entrance for VIP?
A: Yes VIP will have their own entry line, but if your friends do not have VIP, you can enter with them in the GA lines as well.

Q: I would like to upgrade my ticket to VIP. How can I do this?
A: Please bring your GA ticket, 21+ ID and cash/credit card to the Box Office at the venue on the night of the show. They will process an upgrade from your general admission to a VIP ticket at the price difference of $90. Any additional questions relating to VIP, please email

Q: Can I get VIP tickets for the 30th?
A: No, VIP is only available for the 31st

Q: Will there be a full bars in the VIP area?
A: Yes, there will be full bars in both the General Admission and VIP areas.

Q: Will there be ATMS inside the venue?
A: Yes, there will be multiple ATMs inside the venue 

Q: Bars, Food, and what can I bring?
A: This is an 18+ event, so EVERYONE who intends on drinking will be carefully carded and given a wristband, which will need to be put on at the time you receive it. There are numerous bars throughout the venue, serving the full range of beverages until 2am, and non‐alcoholic drinks until closing. As to food, there will be several excellent food vendors who will be serving hot food during the evening. All bags/backpacks will be thoroughly checked. YES you can pack a bag lunch. No drinks, bottles cans or otherwise, however. Empty, clear plastic water bottles are ok.

A: Scalpers can make passable-looking fake tickets and printouts. Don’t take the chance. We will not accommodate tickets that do not scan. We will have tickets at the door. We are also still selling no surcharge tickets at the Independent and the Fox Theater  Box Offices

Q: What are acceptable forms of my ticket?
A: Bring your ticket! If you have not received your ticket, please check if you selected the PRINT-AT-HOME option. If you do not have a printer, ask a friend or visit a local library to print one page for ten cents.

We can also scan MOBILE TICKETS **It must be in mobile format, not a PDF of a regular ticket**

Pull up your eTicket:

1) Sign in to Ticketmaster on your smartphone
2) Select your order
3) Bookmark your ticket

Need more info? Please email

Q: What about Hoola Hoops, Flowtoys and Glowsticks?
A: Hoola Hoops are allowed on December 30 and not allowed on New Years Eve (dec 31) due to space considerations

A: Flow Toys are allowed both nights but must maintain contact with your body. Any objects thrown or tossed at other audience members will result in your immediate expulsion from the event. Any use of flow toys that becomes a nuisance to others will result in being asked to discontinue or check the items at coat check.

A: Laser pointers are not allowed. Ever. Duh!

Q: What about CAMERAS?
A: You are welcome to bring your own small, hand held camera. SLR cameras are NOT allowed without a PRESS pass which you can inquire about by contacting Regardless though, you should always remain considerate of others and not take anyone’s picture without their expressed consent. Intruding on others in an aggressive way puts you at risk of removal from the event and confiscation of your memory card. GO Pros are allowed but cannot be on sticks

Q: Is the venue wheelchair accessible? 
A: Bill Graham Civic Auditorium is 100% wheelchair accessible. As there is no fixed seating, the venue is divided into areas … all of which are wheelchair accessible. These are further divided into General Admission and VIP areas. The VIP areas are closer to the main stages, but there are General Admission areas close to the stage as well. There are viewing areas on the raised areas above both sides of the slightly lower main halls. The areas closer to the stage are designated VIP; those farther away are General Admission. There are no seats per se, so no specific “seating” reservations are possible.

Q: Do I HAVE to wear a costume?
A: No, but you’re going to WANT to. In past years, as many as 90% of Sea of Dreams attendees have come in costumes, often displaying original works they have designed themselves. It’s part of the creativity and fun that makes this event so special, and so unique. Like Burning Man and many other Bay‐Area events, only HALF the entertainment happens on stage. Do your worst!

Q: Is there a smoking area?
A: There is a smoking area outside POLK HALL

Q: What’s up with ticket surcharges?
A: Ticket surcharges begin with credit card processing fees. These are added to ticket purchases in proportion to the price of the ticket. These go directly to credit card companies and are unavoidable. The ticketing COMPANY then adds their own surcharge as well to pay the employees that service your orders. The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium uses Ticketmaster as an exclusive ticketing vendor.

Q: Will this show sell out?
A: Sea of Dreams NYE has been San Francisco’s premier New Years spectacle for 15 years and our move to the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium will only increase interest.

Q. How do I get there?
A: The Bill Graham Civic Center could not be more conveniently located, less than 2 blocks from Civic Center Muni Station and bike, rickshaw, taxi, and lorrey accessible. For a Google Map and Directions … CLICK HERE

Q: What are you doing to make the Civic look awesome?
A: The name anonEvents and SunsetSF has long been synonymous with decorative extravagance. No expense is being spared in this regard as well, with all of the bells & whistles you’ve come to expect from Sea of Dreams, plus some new wrinkles as well. You can expect Sea of Dreams to be a beautiful spectacle. See some pictures of past events in our Gallery.

Q: Will this be a GREEN EVENT?
A: We will try like hell! We will be exploring various ways to minimize the environmental impact of our event in the days and weeks to come. SunsetSF has long been leadre in the greening of urban events, and Another Planet Entertainment has the reputation for the highest standards in festival greening at events like Outside Lands and Treasure Island Music Fest.

What You Can Bring

– Empty Camelbaks
– Clear plastic water bottles
– Backpacks/bags
– Hula Hoops (allowed on the 30th only)
– GO Pros are allowed but cannot be on sticks

What You Can’t Bring

– Illegal/unauthorized vending
– Illegal substances and/or drug paraphernalia
– Glass containers
– Video cameras, SLR (must have press pass)
– Weapons, firearms, explosives, etc
– Beverages
– Flyers/handbills/marketing materials
– Instruments
– Hula Hoops (allowed on the 30th only)

Security will be conducting bag checks, pat downs and pocket searches at their discretion.

More QUESTIONS? Please email them to