2005 OddySEA (LA)

“NYE 2005: The year when tides shifted and sister cities San Francisco & Los Angeles, connected by the great Pacific Ocean, merged into one expansive Sea of Dreams!

A few successive LA Decoms now under our belts, partners in crime, anonEvents SF + LA Blue Bongo Club owner, Mark Bava, decided it was finally time to rock the boat and ride our NYE wave of success south into the City of Angels. LA was ready for its very own dream! We discovered the gloriously refurbished Park Plaza Ballrooms, which bore a strong similarity to our SF home, The Regency Center, and quickly got to work harnessing the burgeoning magic of the “LA burner scene”.

We got wickedly lucky collaborating with Dream Circus; mega headliners, Mutaytor; and LA buddies DJ Wolfie, David Starfire, and brother Patricio. We also brought in El Circo’s top team: Shawna, Papachango, and LA “it kid” Ooah, who’d later explode into Glitch Mob fame. And our loyal sea-faring Lorin (aka Bassnectar) shook the balls right outta the freaking rooms, spinning Sea for his 4th consecutive year!

We also gave 2 brand spankin’ new LA collectives their debut, The Do Lab and Lucent Dossier, “coincidentally” spearheaded by a delicious diva named Dream Rockwell. Together these powerhouse crews would breathe life into the DTLA underground again, eventually bringing their provocative theatrics & mystical mojo to the masses, collaborating on a festival called Lightning in a Bottle (perhaps you’ve heard of it?!) As if that weren’t enough dreams come true, we added one last finishing touch, Dream Matrix Theater, to round out our first foray in LA. What an interstate OddySEA!”

 ~ Joegh Bullock, Founder & Artistic Director, SEA OF DREAMS NYE & Anon Events