2010 LegaSea


“Now 10 years in the making, we pat ourselves on the back for a decade of deca-dances well done, able to fully appreciate in hindsight the true eve-olution of talent and community we’d been orchestrating here in SF.

In 2010, we lent an ear to world music featuring Ozomatli, welcomed back EDM favorite Bassnectar, and held space for our new discovery, Ghostland Observatory, after witnessing their awesome appearance at the Treasure Island Music Festival. The Glitch Mob rounded out the EDM menu with their trio of talent, Eoto and Random Rab added that touch of tribal beat, and we had the honor of bringing back the Yard Dogs Road Show for what became one of their very last stage shows.

Our friends the Do Lab made their SF debut transforming the Concourse’s aquarium glassed lobby by creating a giant cardboard tree with world lanterns and sensual shapes, an early décor experiment that sparked inspiration for their future Lightning In A Bottle signature look.

Symbiosis co-hosted along with Eclectic Fever to bring the festival vibe, and our new production partners Sunset Promotions also stepped up to the decks, setting new standards of audience appreciation with Motion Potion’s spinning frenzies of fusion.

Sea of Dreams was awarded a CMAC for “Best Production (over 5000 people)” thanks to our decade of collective envisioning and we lived up to the accolade, adding Hookadome as the new place to be after 2am in the mezzanine lounge; Inflatable Arts’ glowing array of stripey sculpture; and Spoonified Cirqularious stations.

Midnight Miracles, Amuse-iums, and art mazes by Will Chase Arts’ (of Burning Man’s Jack Rabbit Speaks) were space shifters designed to disorient our dreamers, while local sound shamans Lowriderz, @Starfire, DJ Feral, and the Afrofunk Experience all scored a perfect 10 on the Richter scale of NYE musical magnitudes!”

~ Joegh Bullock, Founder & Artistic Director, SEA OF DREAMS NYE & Anon Events


“From my perspective, the best things about 2010 was that we really NAILED it on the music and production. After my difficult experiences on entry the year before, we were so prepared and ready that I don’t think anyone waited more than 10 minutes to get in. I also remember being blown away by the quality of the musical performances that year. Ozomatli is one of the best bands EVER and they crushed, as did Bassnectar, the Yard Dogs etc…but the real stars for me were Ghostland Observatory. Those two musicians, their sounds, lights, visuals and incredible stage presence truly defined the words “Rock Star” to me. I was also amazed at the success of our third “Whomp” stage that year, which featured the likes of Antennae & Laura, Ana Sia, EOTO, El Papchango, Shawna, Lynx and Janover, and David Starfire. Its easy to forget that Dubstep really hadn’t blown up then, so having such a huge focus on downtempo all in one show was pretty groundbreaking. It was fun to watch all of our baby acts follow in Lorin’s footsteps to great acclaim. We are very proud to think we played any small part in their success. Presenting artists is a sacred responsibility we take quite seriously, and when they fly to great heights it gives us enormous pride.”