2012 PropheSea

Part 1:

“This year’s flyer design was a co-creation by Zack Darling and our Sea team, as were most all of our signature graphics. I love the layers and how each element enhanced the vision of the PropheSea theme. I had the idea of a floating island pyramid in a surreal seascape, insisted on our signature mermaid, this time ecstatically outstretched with a “5th Element” hair style, and Zack nailed it, adding the sacred geometry and moon phases. To me, the design of the flyer sets the intention for the event, informing and inspiring the overall look, from start to finish. Sea of Dreams has never been just a concert or a New Year’s party, in my mind, but a total work of art!

And on that note, this line up also delivered! SunsetSF pulled out all the stops, booking Santigold on the heels of their latest album release. Smoking hot! Amon Tobin introduced a mind-boggling video mapping set and Beats Antique orchestrated a spaceship fantasy countdown with an alien invasion of sexy extraterrestrials. MarchForth marching band blew doors both on stage and off, and An-ten-nae was not only the hottest local DJ in SF, but our new partner too!

The lazer glassed lobby featured southerners the Dirty Bird Krewe and Claude Von Stroke flew in to blaze a late night set. Representing the North, we mixed up Malarkey, DJ Zack Darling, and DJ Manny, while Motion Potion kicked off the first day of the new year with an all new tradition! The question was: would we all live to see 2013 or was this to be our final shebang?”

~ Joegh Bullock, Founder & Artistic Director, SEA OF DREAMS NYE & Anon Events


This one might be my favorite lineup of all of the years I have been involved in. It had such a beautiful balance of musical and visual firepower. It also had a great balance of uptempo dance music (the Dirtybird Stage) and downtempo (Hookahdome). We had incredible cutting edge live energy from Santigold, and one of the most incredible DJ shows ever created with Amon Tobin’s brain melting ISAM show. But once again, Beats Antique completely stole the show with a countdown exhibition that included Mayans, Aliens and a giant grandfather clock. It was hilarious, challenging, sexy, and subversive. Everything you could possibly want from Sea of Dreams.

~ Robbie Kowal, CEO, Sunset-SF