2004 Tridents Tale

“2004’s ‘Tridents Tale’ flyer, our most mythical theme to date, was designed by fellow North Bay promoter & SOD DJ, @Zack Darling. His @Mystic Beat Lounge team also created Techno Tribal Dance, and every NYE we’d lovingly attempt to “out produce” each other, while simultaneously elevating both shows to the next level, as there was a greater spirit of family collaboration than competitive business among SF producers back in the day.

We lined up @Sound Tribe for their 2nd year, a decision met with so much buzz that I recall trying to stop die-hard fans from climbing through the bathroom windows of @The Regency Center. Lorin (aka @Bassnectar) was on board for his 3rd return to SEA, as we were now solidly in cahoots to skyrocket each other’s careers, after back-to-back NYE successes.

Then we upped the ante, teaming with legendary DJ @Freq Nasty and @Antennae (still known as Adam Ohana) to rock out the Snorkel Dragon Cove. We also brought in LA favorites, @The Mutaytor, along with the sexy vaudevillian theatrics of @The Yard Dog Road Show, to make mayhem in the Red Mysteria Room.

By this point, we’d gotten well into the groove of making up fanciful names + elaborate decor for each ballroom and plotting the tale each would tell, envisioning storylines for the social stimulations our dreamers would likely experience. So, we went to great lengths to integrate fantastical circus & opera, dance troupes & fortune tellers to further enhance the unexpected spectacle that Anon became synonymous with delivering for each and every SEA of DREAMS.”

 ~ Joegh Bullock, Founder & Artistic Director, SEA OF DREAMS NYE & Anon Events

2004 -2