2001 The Birth of a Dream

“The Birth of a Dream: So it came to be that my belated partner, Mark Bava, came through with the mostly perfectly situated venue of all time & space! After the surprise success of Super Nova 2000, suddenly our partners, Oracle Muse, Anon Salon & Party Science were inspired to shoot for the stars and imagine even more evocative dreams. The Port of SF had Pier 35 which, prior to 9/11/01 was an open Port of Embarkation, so when not in use became available for “special events”. Lucky for us, they couldn’t possibly foresee what we had in mind and thus, “Sea of Dreams” was officially launched in 2001, right smack on the bay where I’d coined the name just 1 year earlier.

The theme was “Fire of Desire” and featured musical acts Lost At Last & The Venusians (Matt Venuti Music), side-by-side myriad entertainments including fire dancing, robotic operas, light sculptures, Xeno-site theater, lasers projected onto sail boats, and a parade of hopping mermaids, thanks to their tails. I never laughed so freaking hard! This first SEA immediately cemented the event’s reputation as THE SF NYE party where avant-garde eclectic elements where seamless mixed with hot headliners, creating a dream world of social exploration, simply not to be missed by those in the know. And that was only the beginning…”

~ Joegh Bullock, Founder & Artistic Director, SEA OF DREAMS NYE & Anon Events