2008 MetamorphoSeas

“In 2008, we went it alone as Anon Salon. We’d created a huge event with The String Cheese Incident years, but also felt like we were unintentionally slipping into more of a jam band event and needed to change course. So, we decided to take our look in a new Kafkaesque direction, enlisting visionary artist, Andrew Jones, to create a sexier, skin baring sea waif and tattoo ink style graphics. We also returned to selecting a “Sea” name for the event – a reverse “MetamorphoSeas” of sorts, but a true signature of SOD that I’ve always loved and we’ve stuck with forever more.

We scored Brazilian Girls as the headliner – an act we’d always dreamt of booking and thought had the quintessential Sea of Dreams edginess factor. We enlisted our dear friends, Vau de Vire Society again, this time for their first full stage show circus with Fishbone frontman, Angelo Moore. And when our Harmony Festival friends introduced us to this crowd jumping act from Argentina called Kinky, we instantly knew they were gonna tear up the midnight countdown!

We rounded out the line-up with hot local acts Smoove, Pleasuremaker of Afrolicious, Opel’s Syd Gris; added a dash of electro-swing for the first time with Maestro Delachaux; and dove deeper into the ‘carny’ vibe with beloved SF troupes: The Hubba Revue, Gooferman, and Fou Fou Ha!

2008 was a big learning curve year in retrospect, being 8 years into the event, but only half way through all that Sea of Dreams was yet to be. We’d set the stage for the dream to unfold much further, so how now brown cow?”

~ Joegh Bullock, Founder & Artistic Director, SEA OF DREAMS NYE & Anon Events