Celebration is always at once collective and personal. More than just a concert or a dance party, SEA OF DREAMS looks to provide you a multitude of ways to involve yourself in the experience and to play with the reality. Our vision has always been an immersive one intended to reveal wonders and surprises and to open up opportunities that are sure to delight the eye and engage the mind. We have always sought to transform partying into something highly individual and highly interactive. We extend that to weave all kinds of analog and digital directions, environmental and visual artforms into one vibrant and swirling soirée!

Here are just a few of the amazing attractions we have lined up for this NYE.

Sea of Dreams VIP package will be equivalent to years past when VIP’s enjoyed prime viewing areas, separate restrooms, exclusive bars, a limited edition “Sea of Dreams” Poster and complementary champagne and hors d’oeuvres.

Sea of Dreams remains a giant magnetic field of fabulous costumes. As we like to say, “Dress as your Dream, and SHARE your dream with others.

Sea of Dreams’ own resident sideshow/cabaret/circus engine will once again unfold its incendiary rainbow bridge of talented musical, circus, aerial, carnival and dance performers to raise the bar and  make your exuberant crossing unforgettable. More specifics soon.

Delightful hands-on & heads-up analog play spaces, creation, activation & transformation stations from genius play spirits plus a whole host of pro play experts, face and body painters & massage practioners!

Swim into an ocean of art that we have put time and attention into curating and displaying for your pleasure. More specifics soon.

Sea of Dreams has always taken the New Year’s moment seriously. This year will be no exception. Expect very special attention given to the Midnight crossings as we will be there to help lift you off into the new year. From whatever part of the event you find yourself at the midnight hour, it will be YOURS!

Sea of Dreams will showcase Bay Area crafts, clothing designs and food in its festive Vending Village We are still seeking funky creative independent fashion & trunk show vendors embodying the diversity and magic of the Sea of Dreams community!  From jewelry to light toys to masks, we’ll provide enchantments to elevate your experience!

If you are interested in vending at Sea of Dreams NYE 2014, please email us at

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