Meka La Creme


Forbidden Femme, Meka La Creme, is a performance artist with deep roots in modern dance. Meka was introduced to the world of burlesque while studying contemporary dance … READ MORE »

Elektra Cute


Elektra Cute is a burlesque artist and producer based in Minneapolis, MN. She is the self-anointed ‘most shocking woman in burlesque’, and does her best not to disappoint…herself. She loves bourbon on the rocks…READ MORE »

Olivia Bellafontaine


Olivia Bellafontaine is a professional actress and burlesque dancer. She has been called “psychedelic sex.” Her burlesque dancing is known to have a style of sound. She moves with passion and creates with love…READ MORE »

Mojo DeVille


Cultivated in the veins of the NYC underground, Mojo encapsulates an elegant juxtaposition of glamour, urban heat, rock & roll fetishism and tribal chic. A whirlwind of striking beauty and decadent mania, her unique brand of wiggling often nods to contemporary dance…READ MORE »

Hunny Bunnah


Hunny Bunny is the Bay Area’s very own Bendy Barbie! A permanent fixture at Tourettes Without Regrets in Oakland and head bitch in charge of Mischief at the Skylark Bar in San Francisco. This eclectic, eccentric performance … READ MORE »

Iza la Vamp


Iza la Vamp was a chorus girl on her way to center stage until a freak accident froze her body in a cryogenic freezer. Thankfully, she is now defrosted and ready to perform. She is finding herself in a different time with different music and history… READ MORE »

Tonya Kay


Tonya Kay is The Most Dangerous Woman In Hollywood. She’s destroyed the stages of Broadway’s STOMP, De La Guarda and danced in The Muppets Movie, Lone Ranger and Glee. Her acting work can be seen on tv and film including Criminal Minds, House and leads in The Kill Corporation, Bastard, The Butchers and A Better Place films…READ MORE »

Jay Siren

Jay Siren

Jay Siren is the creator of the Sizzling Sirens Burlesque Experience and owner of Sizzlehouse Productions in Sacramento, CA. She is a committed show personality who delivers a powerhouse of sizzle every time she steps on stage, and if you’ve seen her live then you know Ms. Siren means business…READ MORE »

Miss Emma Nation


Miss Emma Nation as her own formula for success: sass, class, ass, and a smoky, sultry, scintillating voice of course, wit, charm, and more sass. On stage, this kitty is an electric performer like no other. She holds the audience in the palm her hand while preparing them to eat out of the other. Her delivery and tone lives somewhere between the milestones of Bette Davis and Mae West…READ MORE »