Our theme bring ringing in 2015 ~ “FREQUEN-SEA”.

It is SOUND that unites us.

Many peoples of the world believe that existence began with a note, a sound, a song that sang beats, notes, and crescendos into the sea of dreams that followed. Then there is the big bang itself, a drumclap so loud that we sail at lightspeed away from its drumhead in an ever-expanding arc. Turn a space telescope inward and you can still see the place where stick met cymbal. The big bang’s cosmic frequency hums along at 432hz, able to be heard in any part of the cosmos by any being willing to listen. Here on earth, the frequency of our magnetic field, 7.83hz, or the Schumman Resonance, is an unseen but unifying backdrop to the incredible amalgam of lights, shapes, and colors that crowd our visual spectrum.

Sound is the universal sensation and the binding force that connects us with one another. The blind can hear and even the deaf can feel the rhythms and frequencies of sound waves. Many 21st Century physicists have moved away from a particle-based explanation of our universe towards one constructed of “strings” vibrating at different frequencies to generate and catalyze the larger quantum particles that make up matter and energy. Some believe that these subatomic strings actually create the existential threads that bind ropes and cables that connect us with beings, places, and objects. We use the term “connection” to describe the feelings of friendship, love, and affinity but some would have us believe that these “connections” are actual vibrating strings bound up as we develop affinities. If this is true then we are indeed connected by frequency, and bound by sound.

As you enjoy Sea of Dreams this year, we ask that you think about all of the times that sound and frequency connected you to others. Did it bring you here to San Francisco for this massive ritual of completion? Did it introduce you to the friends and lovers with whom you share this experience? Will it be the shared affinity that connects you with someone new with whom you will build fresh existential vibrating strings? Our wish for you on this New Years Eve is to feel, hear, and perhaps even see the frequencies that connect us all, and make a few of your own.