Inflatabill : inflatable art & design

One thing every Sea of Dreams has in common is the magical glowing art of Bill Kennedy. His inflatables have indeed become a signature look that’s inspired all of the magnificent decor that SOD has come to be known for. Bill started out as a senior parachute rigger which then led him to the rip-stop… Read More »

Blumen Lumen

Sea of Dreams is proud to be the first indoor installation of Blumen Lumen! This art project was first created for Burning Man 2014, funded by a kickstarter campaign + BRAF grant. They create an oasis of surreal, gigantic flowers that invites participants to explore and gather within the illuminated, unfolding petals. The flowers are… Read More »


Das’lala hails from Denver, Colorado and is fresh to the Bay Area, so we were honored to be the first event in SF to showcase their amazing, hand-crafted “Digital Fireworks” comprised of 3,888 custom programmed RGB LEDs! Das’lala is a partnership of artists-engineers, David and Laura, who each have backgrounds in electronics, media development, lighting… Read More »

The Union

The Union Mural Team returns to Sea of Dreams with an all out art attack of the senses! Official Web Site: FB: FrequenSEA will feature the works of: The Union – Derek Heinemann – Jonathan Solter – Jessica Perlstein The Welch Brothers – Gabrial Welch – Jerimhia Welch 1320 Studios – Ashely Forman – Anthony… Read More »


Anon Events/Anon Salon founder, Joegh Bullock, has been the original vision and artistic director of many a Bay Area tradition such as Sea of Dreams, Wisdom 2.0, Masquerotica, as well as Super Hero, Burning Man Decompression, and Howeird Street Fairs. Joegh’s dreamt up the theme of each n’ every SEA, bringing them to life through… Read More »

Haus Serpens

Haus Serpens, spirited by dancer + scene maker, Mojo Deville, added her own brand of sexy mischief to Sea of Dreams 2015. Upon entry you discovered a ritual of “glowing evo-lution” led by this enchanting troupe and it involved all attendees who dared to engage these sirens of sin! Throughout the festivities, this bevvy of… Read More »


ArtIsMobilUs is a non-profit mobile art/bus gallery/roving arts incubator that brings art to the public while providing platforms for exhibition, arts education, creative collaboration, & community engagement. They returned to the Sea of Art again with a live, interactive “paint your dream” wall that’s been a big hit at Howierd & Super Hero Street Fairs,… Read More »