Sea of Dreams 2012 Media..

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Raymond Van Tassel – SOD Album on Facebook

Eric GilletSOD Flickr Set

Hunter Boucher (The A-Museum/ Honeycomb Co:Laboratory)  The Frame Photobooth Album on Picasa

Julian CashLightPainting Portraits – (out in the truck)

SF Weekly Slideshow

Jason Mongue – SOD Album on Facebook

Beats Antique Page  –  Album on Facebook

Sean Guiterrez – Album (Beats Antique) on Facebook

Heather Wakefield – SOD Album on Facebook

Mark Sandstorm – SOD album on SmugMug

Mark Sandstorm  – Building the West Hall Video Mapping Structure on SmugMug

TWITA2005 (Flickr Set)

Elena Kulikova – SOD Album of Billion JellyFish on Facebook

Peter Booth Lee – SOD Album on Facebook

Jason Mongue – SOD Album of Billion JellyFish on Facebook

Azusa Kimchi – OmShanTea House – SOD Album on Facebook

:: VIDEO: 

Beats Antique – “Mayans vs. Aliens” NYE 2012 Video

Festival Earth – Dancer Mix Video


SF Chronicle (96 Hours) – Kimberly Chun – Sea of  Dreams hosts big New Year’s blowout