Our Theme

A wise guy who’s no longer with us, once said … “reality is not only stranger than we suppose, it may be stranger than we CAN suppose.” It’s easy enough to see how our canoodling comprehension of what’s going on around us might be well … “limited” at best. What we THINK is happening, may not be happening at all. So, in the midst of such mysterious goings on, what are we to grab onto and call “REAL?”

If uncertainty is a given, then doesn’t it make sense to grab for what we are at least MOST sure of … or what another wise guy who’s no longer with us once called … “the felt presence of immediate experience.”

That’s IT right there … the HOT ELECTRIC CHARGE at the HEART of your being … the cosmic fuse which pumps LOVE and LIGHT into you and the world with never a thought of what it will get in return.

This is our theme this year – “VIBRANTSEA” – which calls us home to the ocean of DELIGHT … into that energetic realm of felt EXPERIENCE that even a child can recognize by its EXUBERANCE, PULSATION, ANIMATION, PLAYFULNESS, SPIRIT and SPARKLE!

Bring it with you when you come, and share it freely! Do that and how can you and yours not enter into the new year with more JOY than you left the old one? Please join us this NEW YEAR’S EVE (in a great NEW venue and with a great NEW partner) … and let’s make those FEELINGS RESONATE!