SOD History

SEA OF DREAMS NYE was launched in 2001 by ANON SALON co-founders, JOEGH BULLOCK, MARCIA CROSBY and MARK PETRAKIS. They were joined not too long afterwards by MARK BAVA (and to whose gentle memory last year’s event was dedicated.)

From the mid-1980′s onward, ANON SALON was among the most active builders of “artful” community. Part of the nascent BURNING MAN ethos and community even before the first man burned, they founded CLIMATE THEATER and GLASHAUS parties, as well as the infamous COBRA LOUNGE art vaudevilles. SEA OF DREAMS was the inevitable step towards realizing more concretely the bold and transforming power of our own special Bay Area species of collaborative and artistic activism. Since its inception, the event has moved from Pier 35 to the stately Regency Center and then in 2006 to the epic SF Concourse Exhibition Center before landing this year at the legendary Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

The founding spirit was consistently rooted in a triangulation of the visual, performative and musical arts and always with an eye to reaching out to other forward-thinking individuals and collectives. The list of Sea of Dreams artists and collaborators is long and bejeweled with giant spirits. 2006 and 2007 shows were produced in collaboration with the clear-minded folks at MADISON HOUSE PRODUCTIONS and featured the THE STRING CHEESE INCIDENT.

2009 marked the arrival of a new team of co-producers, in the form of the high-energy hit squad production team from SUNSET PROMOTIONS who over the last 15 years have secured their permanent place in San Francisco music history with Ghost Ship Halloween, All Shook Down Music Festival, SF Funk Fest, North Beach Jazz Fest, SF Mardi Gras Ball, Freqo de Mayo, Icebreakers Ball, Black Valentines, and the Silent Frisco. Also part of the mix from 2009-2011, was ANT-EN-NAE PRESENTS, a 10-year veteran of Bay Area dance music productions, including the awesome ‘Get Freaky’ parties.

This year marks the largest aggregation of powerful producing organizations ever as we welcome ANOTHER PLANET ENTERTAINMENT and move the event to the historic Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. For the 14th anniversary, SEA OF DREAMS will raise the bar to meet the expectations that we all as people of the larger world expect and hope for ourselves and for the world. For NYE 2014 – our show is titled “VibrantSea” and for it we have once again gathered a splendid array of visionary talents to help propel us through the magikal portal.

As you approach SEA OF DREAMS this year, it might be worth a moment to reflect on just how much giving has to occur before such incredible and luminous gifts as these can be won, and just how many courageous Bay Area people – just like yourself, had to walk that sometimes daunting path before you, so that you could do exactly what you are about to do this New Year’s Eve. It may be LunaSea, but it is the way that things get done. And now, more than ever is the time for US to do them.. and do them together.

Looking towards tomorrow, all we can do is keep giving of ourselves, and work as ONE to see that whatever magic we conjure and draw from the collective ocean of our dreams is the very best we are capable of giving.