Inflatabill : inflatable art & design

One thing every Sea of Dreams has in common is the magical glowing art of Bill Kennedy. His inflatables have indeed become a signature look that’s inspired all of the magnificent decor that SOD has come to be known for. Bill started out as a senior parachute rigger which then led him to the rip-stop nylon world of inflatable arts.

Together, we invented the “world with worlds” concept and Inflatabill has always created the fantastical “skyscape” of each world. From black and white swirling shapes, to colorful corsets, to stalagmite striped cones, to floating hot air balloons, to painted planets, to color changing spiky light tubes — this man is a genius of illumination!

For 2015, we hung over 20 vintage hot air balloons, rocket ships, giant silk lanterns, cocoon pods, spiral spheres, and a Go Go Snow Globe! Not to mention, 500+ feet of pulsing LED tubes surrounded the entire balcony and the massive 6-fingered animated balloon drop filled with dreamy message balloons that cascaded down on the crowd at midnight!

Bill’s presented his inflatable art at every major music event in the country, including the infamous Techno Tribal Dance in his hometown of Santa Rosa, but he began his career right here at Sea of Dreams with anonEvents.

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