Das’lala hails from Denver, Colorado and is fresh to the Bay Area, so we were honored to be the first event in SF to showcase their amazing, hand-crafted “Digital Fireworks” comprised of 3,888 custom programmed RGB LEDs! Das’lala is a partnership of artists-engineers, David and Laura, who each have backgrounds in electronics, media development, lighting design, film &  interactive installations. They co-create both the hardware & software  providing an elegantly balanced synthesis between nature and technology. This duo’s vision was to float a half dozen of these 7-foot light sculptures from the Civic’s grid work, and with color changing patterns and digital interfacing, duplicate the excitement of a 4th of July fireworks display INDOORS for a truly crowd-wowing experience.

Official Web Site: http://daslala.com
FB: www.facebook.com/daslala
Twitter: https://twitter.com/daslala