Blumen Lumen

Sea of Dreams is proud to be the first indoor installation of Blumen Lumen! This art project was first created for Burning Man 2014, funded by a kickstarter campaign + BRAF grant. They create an oasis of surreal, gigantic flowers that invites participants to explore and gather within the illuminated, unfolding petals. The flowers are truly ALIVE and aware of our presence. The energy and movement we give is returned by our surroundings: they open, light up, and make their own display of lights as we move around them.

Designed by team of engineers, the concept was inspired by the japanese art of Origami—unique forms created from a single sheet with folds and geometry. There were 10 featured at SOD, even more than at the burn, and they flanked the go-go cages on each side of the main stage, as well as the entrance. As the petals breathed in and out, so we welcomed the change of year, in the spirit of blooming in sexy and exciting ways!

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