Anon Events/Anon Salon founder, Joegh Bullock, has been the original vision and artistic director of many a Bay Area tradition such as Sea of Dreams, Wisdom 2.0, Masquerotica, as well as Super Hero, Burning Man Decompression, and Howeird Street Fairs. Joegh’s dreamt up the theme of each n’ every SEA, bringing them to life through the curation of numerous artists’ personal artwork, mixed with the Anon magic of his own brand of crazy cool colorful custom creations. For 2015, Anon curated an ensemble of light art, a hallway of hallucinations, a fountain of fantasy, an “old school” discoteque in the Ballroom of Bass, a circus of stripes with SF burlectro-swing favorites TRAPEZE, and an underwater Silent Disco cave with the help of fellow decor diva, Kelsey Faery’s Ambient Architects.

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