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“SCENE. NOT HEARD” These words exemplify the mission, challenge, and lifeblood of Silent Frisco. This San Francisco-based crew of sonic missionaries turns impossible public performance challenges into powerful outpourings of free expression. We use cutting edge technology to enable artistic, political and educational expression in locations where “noise” has previously made such action impractical or illegal.

In 2013 the Bay Area’s own techno-social trailblazers, Silent Frisco, instilled stealthy sonic scenery in to a Great Lawn, a Great Lake, two Atlantic Beaches, five Pacific beaches, a Wave House, an Electric Forest, an Enchanted Forest, a Rocky Mountain ranch, an Oregon redwood grove, a California Carousel, a Museum on the Miracle Mile, a Museum in Miami Beach, a West Side Courtyard, a Hollywood Backyard, a Hawaiian Roof Deck, and the Metropolitan Opera’s front steps. This astounding run of more than 100 days of activation ended with a “Silent Frisco on Ice” show that sold out in less than 24 hours. The quickly-organized follow-up event sold out in 52 minutes. Clearly, Silent Frisco is capturing the imaginations of outgoing, creative, music lovers across the USA.

Founded and directed by the USA’s first Silent Disco DJ, Robbie “Motion Potion” Kowal, Silent Frisco is managed by SunsetSF, a 17-year-old Bay Area full-service production company. Our extensive concert & festival production, marketing, talent buying, operations and management experience are unmatched in Silent Disco. Others may have some “gear”, but no-one has the practical know-how and creativity borne of more than 1000 events produced. In 2012 alone, Silent Frisco activated over 100 days at concerts, after-hours, picnics, movie screenings and festivals. Our stable of in-house talent and deep relationships with the top agents and managers in the business give our clients a distinct head-start towards success. We have consistently blazed new trails leading the US silent disco community on its first national tours, and first activations in beaches, parks, and boats.

Our 2012/2013 clients included Fiat USA, Dos Equis, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, MacWorld, Oracle World, Yahoo, Treasure Island Music Fest, L.A. County Museum of Art, Electric Forest, Lightning in a Bottle, Gathering of the Vibes, Camp Bisco, Ghost Ship Halloween, High Sierra Music Festival, Hornings Hideout, Humboldt Greenweek, Sonic Bloom, Another Planet Entertainment, Insomniac Events, Madison House Presents, NoisePop, FreshBakin, World Famous Entertainment, Hartman Studios, Terrapin Presents and many more. Along with monthly residencies in L.A. and S.F.O. we have self-produced magical experiences in clubs and bars, beaches and boats, hilltops and rooftops, subways and skate-parks in 20 U.S. states.

Based in San Francisco, Silent Frisco travels far and wide bringing unique cultural experience to receptive audiences. Silent Frisco is dedicated to the ideals that make the Bay Area an International cultural catalyst: equality, tolerance, creativity, environmental sustainability, and freedom of expression. Silent Frisco’s own events instill and demand a strict respect for our setting and scene for our staff and attendees. At our Ocean Beach San Francisco events alone, we not only managed to sort, and divert 100% of our own waste but partner with Surfrider FOundation to leave our beach spotless. Silent Frisco was the first US Silent Disco vendor to move completely to rechargeable headphones and have worked tirelessly to find ways to minimize environmental impact.

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